Alternative Perspective on Afghanistan

By Zulfiqar Shah
Courtesy: International Research Journal of Social Sciences (IRJSS)  
Amid politics of global interests over Afghanistan and ongoing withdrawal process of International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF), matters in Afghanistan yet need to be appropriately settled. Poverty, in its various forms, is the mother of all terrorism. The huge war expenditure in Afghanistan by the various developed and developing countries equals maximum financial requirement to downtrend poverty around the globe. Moreover, it is the difference between, and among the engaged international and regional players, which has led Afghanistan to the matrix of political, strategic and security chaos. A comparative review based on integrated set of intervention in future is needed to revisit Afghanistan intervention as well as gradual ISAF withdrawal. Until and unless an integrated approach is not adopted towards Afghanistan, the grand issue of the human interests in single country since last two centuries may not get resolved. Read details on the Scribd

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