Pir Pagara: The son also rises

For most of its history, Pakistan has only known one Pir Pagara: Shah Mardan Shah II, leader of the Hur Jamaat, occupant of the Pir Jo Goth-based gaddi (spiritual seat) and head of the Pakistan Muslim League-Functional, known to most for his cryptic one-liners that often alluded to the fact that a military takeover was imminent, publishes daily Dawn an analysis review on the politics of current Pir Pagara.  

"Yet with Pir Pagara’s death in January 2012, his eldest son Syed Sibghatullah Shah Rashdi, named after his famed grandfather — the suryeh badshah of Sindh whom the British sent to the gallows in 1943 — was anointed the eighth Pir Pagara, while also assuming the PML-F’s mantle of leadership." Read Story in daily Dawn

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