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Popular Uprising in Sindh: Hundreds of thousands took to the streets, hate-mock actions, road blocks 

Resistance and uprising is underway in Sindh since last 15 days against the controversial Sindh Local Government Law, in which two province-wide shutter-down and vehicle-jam strikes were observed and hundreds of thousands people participated the rallies and marches held across the province including the capital city of the province.

People in almost all major cities and towns of the province are protesting almost every day. More than 700 activists have been booked and / or detained by the police, mostly under the notorious Anti-Terrorism Act.    

On October 14 evening, police and law enforcers besieged Hyderabad, the second largest city of Sindh to ensure the public gathering by the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) in favor of the controversial law.  

During first four days of the uprising, four (4) activists were killed by police and law enforcing agencies, which resulted into the street gun-battles in some districts according to newspapers. At least one police station was ablaze by the protesters.  
A large number of civil society organizations and activists, poets, writers, journalists, lawyers, and professional bodies have protested against the legislation that is bound to administratively divide Sindh. The lawyers suspended the courts proceeding in protest across the provinces, and entry of Sindh Law Minister in the Lawyers Bar Councils is banned.   

People express their anger through mock-anger practices by embossing the  government officials name on the stray animals. A large number of the PPP parliamentarians have been thrown upon the Bangles and their houses have been pelted with the stones.  

The so-called "National" media of Pakistan is not properly covering the situation. 

Here is the daily brief of the movement in the reversal order: 

October  14

Hyderabad city was besieged by police and armed forces only to ensure PPP’s public gathering in the favor of Sindh Local Government Law.  

PPP government held crackdown over the activists of various political parties. Beyond 50 activists were arrested from various towns and cities of the province.

Protest Marches, demonstrations and hunger strikes were held across the provinces against Sindh Local Government Law.  

Writers protests against the Sindh Local Government Law in Larkana city.

October  13
Activists of JSQM held rally against SPLGO Law in various towns and denounced the uncivilized language used by PPP ministers for the historical residence of sain GM Syyed.

Nationalists held protest in various cities against the detention of activists.  

Ex-Minister and Parliamentarian from Karachi, Hakim Baloch, talks about his planed resignation from PPP. PPP was criticized internally by its Ministers and Parliamentarians.

Protests held at district and sub-district headquarters of Sindh by various political parties. Protesters threaten of launching radical resistance movement across Sindh.    

Beyond 100 activists of opposition and nationalist parties detained. 

October  12
PML – N Convention in Kunri, attended by hundreds of workers, rejects the Sindh People’s Local Government Ordinance (SPLGO) Law.

Hundreds attend JSQM held a rally in Shikarpur city against SPLGO Law and the murder of Bashir Qureshi.

Forcedly disappeared activist of JSMM was released by law enforcing agencies as the victim started bleeding.

Protest rallies and token hunger strikes were organized in various cities and towns of Sindh against detention of the activists of various nationalists’ parties.

October  11
Protest rallies and hunger strikes were organized across the province on the call of Save Sindh Committee against Sindh local government law. Thousands of activists attended the protests.

Thousands of the people attended a public gathering in Karachi organized by Pakistan People’s Party – Murtaza Bhutto group against Sindh local government law.  

Hundreds attend the rally against Sindh local government law in Shikarpur on the call of National People’s Party (NPP).

October  10
Thousands of Karachites marched in the Karachi city and gave sit in against the Sindh local government law on the call of Save Sindh Committee. 

A large number of protesters held a protest rally on the call of Jeay Sindh Mahaz (JSM) in the Malir district of Karachi against Sindh local government law.

Protest rallies held and token hunger strikes carried across the province on the call of JSQM and Awami Tahreek.

Law enforcing agencies raid the house of City Alliance, Karachi president Samir Baloch and took him away to an undisclosed destination.

October ober 9
Citizens and activists belonging to various political parties protested across the province and gave sit-ins against the local government law.   

Awami Tahreek held a congregation in Badin, in which hundreds of participants rejected the local government bill.

The writers, folk singers, and poets of hilly and mountainous areas of Sindh held at gathering in Thano Bula Khan and demanded the repealing Sindh Local Government Law.  

October  8
Protest demonstrations, rallies, token-hunger strikes, and sit-ins were held across the province against SPLGO.

October 7
Thousands marched in Malir, Karachi against the Sindh local government law and blocked the National Highway, which connects the port city with the rest of Pakistan.  

Corner meetings were held in Naseeabad town in which citizens condemned Sindh local government law.
A Sindhi worker, Abdul Ghaffar Soomro was killed targeted in the Bilawal colony of Karachi by the terrorists.

Hundreds of students block Hyderabad – Mirpurkhas highway in protest against the Sindh local government law and murder of Bashir Qureshi.

Repercussion of Local government law in Karachi enhanced sufferings of Hindus. The authorities demolished 100 houses of Hindus.

A large number of civil society activists held token hunger strike against Sindh Local Government Law in Hyderabad.

PPP Sindh minister and tribal chief Nadir Magsi was welcomed in his home district city Warah with Bangles and Tawas.  

Political parties, civil society activists, women rights groups, and professional bodies took out processions against Sindh local government law across the province gave sit in and observed token hunger strikes.

Experts, lawyers, writers, and civil society leaders held a dialogue in Hyderabad on Sindh local government law and consensually rejected it.

Hundreds march on the call of Jeay Sindh Mahaz – Khaliq for the Sindh’s right for the self-determination in Larkana city.  

October  6
Pakistan Muslim League – F, Awami National Party, and National People’s Party declined negotiation offer by Pakistan People’s Party over the amendments in Local Government Law. 

A large number of writers, civil society activists, and intellectuals held a protest demonstration in Karachi against Sindh Local Government Law. The protesters also included prominent Urdu poet Ms. Fahmeeda Riaz.   

Prominent Sindhi poet and veteran education Mariam Majidi declared returning Sitara-e-Imtyaz, the higher civil award in protest against the local government law.  

Writers and civil society activists also held a protest rally in front of Hyderabad Press Club.  

October  5
Hundreds of JSQM activists held Freedom March for Sindh in Sukkur under the leadership of Abdul Wahid Arisar.

Thousands attend a PML – F congregation in Umerkot denouncing Sindh Local Government Law. 

The parties playing major role in the movement include: Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM), Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party (STP), Sindh United Party (SUP), Awami Tahreek (AT), Sindh National Movement (SNM), Jeay Sindh Mahaz - Riaz (JSM-R), Jeay Sindh Mahaz - Khaliq (JSM - K), Sindh National Movement (SNM), Awami Jamshoori Party (AJP), Pakistan People's Party- Murteza Bhutto and others. Besides, there are some centralist parties that include Pakistan Muslim League - Functional (PML-F),  Pakistan Muslim League - Q (PML-Q), National People's Party (NPP), Awami National Party (ANP) and others. 

A large number of civil society organizations is also supporting the movements. 


Sindhi resistance against governance law  

Links of selected news and articles on ongoing people's resistance movement against local government act and for Right to Rule their Historical Motherland 


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                                          Movement Brief I 

After legislating over the highly controversial and popularly rejected local government bill, which according to majority population of Sindh is a virtual attempt to divide Sindh, has caused an abrupt resistance movement in the province.

Four activists have been killed so far by the police in the streets or through torture at police station. Hundreds of activists are detained. Street battles have been reported in the various towns including the Nawabshah, the hometown of president Zardari.

 Almost all cities and towns are protesting every day. On October 1, 2012, whole province was on the strike, and thereafter, strike has lasted for fifth day in many towns until October 5, 20012. On October 4, thousands of the people blocked the national highway for six hours. The highway connects rest of the country with major ports of Pakistan in Karachi.

The people’s resistance started on October 1, when Pakistan People's Party (PPP) and Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) jointly legislated over highly controversial and popularly rejected Sindh Local Government Ordinance 2012.


Sindhi resistance against governance law  

Links of selected news and articles on ongoing pecalople's resistance movement against local government act and for Right to Rule their Historical Motherland 



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The detailed news is covered by Sindhi Media alone. Here are some links: 

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